Re-sitting the assessment

All candidates must achieve the minimum standard for each component of the assessment, except Digital Literacy*. 

If you fail to achieve the minimum standard for one or more components of the cognitive testing in Literacy, Numeracy, Abstract Reasoning, or online Writing, you are eligible for a second attempt of the failed component/s.  Candidates have the opportunity to book a re-sit within a maximum window of six (6) months from your initial exam date. Candidates are only required to re-sit the components they have failed. All other components that have met the QPS minimum standard remain valid. 

To book a re-sit, candidates will need to log into the registration system and follow the instructions for booking a re-sit, via the ‘re-sit failed sections’ link at the bottom of the page.

The candidate registration system will automatically display dates that are available for you to book. Re-sit exams are run concurrently with the full sit exams and available at all venues.  If your preferred location is not available, or has reached capacity, please check availability at other venues. 

Candidates have six (6) months to complete a re-sit. If it is not completed in this timeframe, candidates will be required to re-sit the full assessment again.

Candidates who do not pass an assessment component(s) on their second attempt will need to wait six (6) months from their re-sit date before re-registering with ACER.  Upon re-registration, candidates must sit all of the components of the exam again (including Digital Literacy). 

* Note regarding the Digital Literacy assessment. Digital Literacy is one of the five components of ACER's QPSea assessment for Queensland Police. Digital Literacy is increasingly a required skill in life, study and work, and the ability to understand and effectively and safely use a wide range of digital and technological devices, software and applications is seen as an important skill to have for policing. However, it is not a mandated requirement to pass the minimum standard in order to be accepted into the next stages of the recruitment process. That is, the Digital Literacy score will not impact on your progress in the application process. You will therefore not need to re-sit Digital Literacy if you fail to meet the minimum standard. However, it is important to note that your score in Digital Literacy will be used for identifying if you need additional learning support once you enter the training program.