Sitting the assessment

Because the QPS Entrance Assessment is a high-stakes test, ACER, in conjunction with Queensland Police, has established security procedures which will be strictly enforced at all times.

At the time of registering you will be allocated a seat for your chosen session time and venue. You must arrive at the assessment centre in time for the registration process no later than the reporting time listed on your Admission Ticket. At this time the assessment supervisors will begin registrations and complete pre-exam procedures. Your assessment will begin once registrations are completed. We suggest arriving at the assessment centre venue approximately ten (10) minutes prior to the reporting time.

If you report to the centre after the reporting time and all candidates have been seated in the exam room you will not be admitted. No latecomers can be admitted once the exam has started.

When you report to the exam centre you must bring:

  • Admission Ticket – with photo included
  • Current Driver Licence or current Passport
  • Pen or pencil
  • Blank piece of A4 paper for workings (this will be collected at the conclusion of the assessment)

Before reporting to the exam centre do not forget to eat a meal. Depending on the reporting time for your session, you may also wish to bring a small snack to have before the assessment commences. No food will be permitted inside the exam room.

The QPS Entrance Assessment consists of approximately two (2) hours' and forty (40) minutes of active exam time. Additional time is also included for registration, instructions and set up between exam components. Care should be taken when making return travel arrangements to allow adequate time at the exam centre. You should anticipate being at the exam centre for up to four (4) hours.

A 10-15 minute minute break will be provided during the session. Please bring your own food and drinks to consume during the break. You may be permitted to use the bathroom during the assessment sesssion, but this will not be permitted in the last 10 minutes of any component so as not to disturb others. No additional time will be granted for bathroom breaks.

Candidates who have a question about the assessment should direct their queries to the supervisor before leaving the venue.  Any questions or concerns about the assessment should be recorded in writing and will be reviewed by the ACER QPS Entrance Assessment Office. Similarly, any complaints relating to the exam venue or physical discomfort suffered should be reported immediately to the supervisor on the exam day so the issue can be addressed at the time of the assessment and without delay.

The QPS Entrance Assessment is a high-stakes test administered under secure exam conditions. You may not leave the exam centre until you have been dismissed by the lead ACER test supervision staff. Candidates leaving early may not receive their results. Once a candidate has departed the exam centre it is not possible to re-enter and continue the exam.