Misconduct includes:

  • Breach of any of the security arrangements for the QPS Entrance Assessment;
  • Impersonation;
  • Attempting to copy or memorise all or part of the exam, or to take any notes, from the exam room;
  • Failure to follow exam supervisors' instructions at all times;
  • Giving or receiving assistance during the exam;
  • Creating a disturbance;
  • Using prohibited aids (e.g. notes, note paper, calculator, mobile phone, audio/recording device etc);
  • Copying another candidate’s work;
  • Using the assessment questions, content or information for purposes other than completing the assessment at the time of your booking. This includes publishing the assessment questions or any content or information about the assessment on the internet, in any digital format or otherwise; and/or passing the QPS Entrance Assessment questions, or any content or information about the assessment to third parties;
  • The giving of false or misleading information; infringement of copyright. This includes performing those acts which only the copyright holders may do or authorising or allowing a person on the candidate’s behalf to infringe ACER’s copyright material.

PENALTIES for misconduct include withholding of your QPS Entrance Assessment results or disqualification from sitting the exam in the future. YOU ARE PUT ON NOTICE that there is NO APPEAL from any penalty applied.