Do I have to wait 12 months after failing the Online Wonderlic Assessment before I complete the QPSea testing?

No you don't. The 12 month exemption from the OWA was specific to that test. QPSea testing uses different assessment tools and as such, you are able to complete these when you are ready, you do not have to wait the 12 month OWA exclusion period.

Why do I now have to pay for testing?

QPSea testing is only one component of police recruit testing and it is now administered by third party Australian Council for Educational Research. This is a professional not-for-profit organisation which specialises in HR and recruitment testing to industry standards. You are paying to complete a required pre-requisite to be eligible to apply to become a police officer. Just the same as having to pay to complete testing for your driver licence, first aid certificate, police checks etc.

Do QPS earn money from QPSea testing?

No. The cost of testing is to pay for the administration, coordination, resourcing and marking of the QPSea testing by ACER. QPS do not receive monetary benefits from QPSea testing payments.

Why are QPS outsourcing these tests?

There are a number of reasons QPS has moved to the QPSea testing administered by ACER including:

  • Accessibility - Prior to the new QPSea testing, supervised testing was available at only two venues in Queensland (Brisbane and Townsville). QPSea testing is more geographically accessible with assessments being conducted every six weeks at eight venues throughout Queensland as well as being available via online proctored testing twice annually. Testing is now more accessible for candidates who are regional, rural, remote, interstate or internationally based.
  • Transparency and fairness - Clear testing requirements, instructions and example tests are now provided to candidates prior to testing. This provides applicants the ability to prepare and practice to give them the best chance of success for testing.

Why have the tests changed?

As policing is a dynamic industry, it's important to ensure that our future operational workforce is well equipped to meet challenges they will face. Testing incorporates a mixture of literacy, numeracy, writing skills, abstract reasoning and digital literacy skills. All of these are key skills required for success through academy training and as front-line officers.

Do I still need to do the Online Wonderlic Assessment?

No, the QPS is no longer using the Online Wonderlic Assessment for police recruit applications.

What if I don't pass the QPSea tests?

You will be able to re-sit the tests you did not pass.

Do I need to meet all eligibility requirements before I sit the QPSea testing?

Yes, you must meet all eligibility requirements prior to completing QPSea testing.

I am on an exclusion on the basis of integrity, can I still complete QPSea testing?

You are able to complete QPSea testing prior to expiry of your integrity exclusion, however you will not be eligible to complete your online application for police recruiting until the expiry of your integrity exclusion.

I have successfully completed and passed QPSea testing, what's next?

If you successfully complete QPSea testing, you will receive an email invitation from QPS Recruiting to complete your online application to become a Queensland Police Service Recruit.

Can I apply to become a police recruit without completing QPSea testing?

No, from 1 December 2020 you must successfully complete QPSea testing prior to being able to apply to become a Queensland Police Service recruit.